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Anti- Fog Safety Glasses Spectacles - Clear - 1 or 12 PCS

Anti- Fog Safety Glasses Spectacles - Clear - 1 or 12 PCS

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The Arc Vision Hammer Safety Spectacles are best for everyday eye protection commonly used in many industrial industries, The lens are made out of polycarbonate, with a hard scratch-resistant coating, The glasses are Ultra Violet protection treated.


  • Clear safety specs
  • Polycarbonate lens & arms adjustable
  • Medium Impact
  • Hard scratch resistant coating
  • Anti-fog treated
  • UV protection treated



  • There should be no uncomfortable pressure points on the side of the head or behind the ears.
  • The nose piece should be comfortable and contact your nose without pinching.
  • You should be able to see in all directions without major obstruction.
  • The overall weight of your safety eyewear should be evenly distributed between your ears and your nose so that frames sit comfortably on your face without distracting from tasks.
  • Frames should fit close to the face without hitting your eyelashes. The space around the frames and your face should be less than a pencil width. Gaps of less than or equal to 6-8mm are preferred.
  • Lenses should cover your eyebrows and any soft tissue around it.
  • Eyewear should stay in place when you move your head front to back and side to side.



  • Certified to AS/NZS 1337:2010

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59 x 40 x 58 cm

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