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Autoclave Bags Bin Liners 55L (200pcs)

Autoclave Bags Bin Liners 55L (200pcs)

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Autoclave Bags Bin Liners 55L (200pcs)


  • Autoclavable waste disposal bags designed for temperature of 121°C   Less
  • For sterilisation and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware   Less
  • Widely used in laboratories and hospitals throughout Australia   Less
  • Micron(Thickness): 50um
  • Size (W x L): 570mm x 700mm
  • Quantity: 200pcs

Industry: Offices, Medical, AgedCare, Dentists, Childcare, Mechanical, Food, Labratory,

Categories : Covid19 Protection, PPE Personal Protective Supplies , Clinical Waste & Hazard,

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Brand Surepak
Product Type Autoclave Bags
Quantity 200pcs
Size Options (Width x Length) 570mm x 700mm
Micron(Thickness) 50um

Steam sterilization (Autoclaving) is one of the most effective methods for decontaminating biohazardous material. Autoclaves use saturated steam under high pressure to decontaminate infectious materials (i.e., cultures, cells, contaminated glassware, pipettes, etc.) and to sterilize media, lab ware and other items. Autoclaves work with a combination of steam, pressure, and time.


How Autoclaving works:

  • They are used at high temperatures and pressures to kill microorganisms and spores.
  • They are used to decontaminate biological waste and sterilize media, instruments, and labware.
  • Regulated medical waste that potentially contains bacteria, viruses, and other organic material are recommended to be inactivated by autoclaving before disposal.


What materials are discarded in the autoclave bin?

Fluids, human cell culture media, bacteria culture media, viruses, recombinant DNA, etc). Note: gloves, regardless of contaminated or not, and paper towels used for work surface or equipment decontamination must be disposed of in a clear autoclave bag or red biohazard bag.


Medical Centres / Institutions / Facilities
Incinerate Only Waste Collection Facilities
Tattoo Piercing Parlor
and more

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