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BYD Level 3 Surgical Medical Face Masks - Blue Pack of 50

BYD Level 3 Surgical Medical Face Masks - Blue Pack of 50

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  • ARTG 332299
  • Level 3 Maximum Barrier Protection
  • Fluid-Resistant
  • Medical Surgical Face Mask
  • Protection of aerosols, spray, and Fluids
  • Ear Loops
  • TGA Approved
  • >99% BFE



  • The mask consists of three layers of high-quality nonwoven materials, gentle to the skin: the outer and inner layers are made of polypropylene spun-bond nonwoven fabric and the middle layer is made of polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven fabric. The three-layer design provides both comforts and wearability for indoor and outdoor activities while remaining lightweight and breathable experiences.

  • The masks are equipped with elastic earloops built with a polyester, nylon, and spandex blend to relieve pressure on ears and allow for extended use.

  • Sturdy Nose Clip: Our adjustable nose clip consists of a metal wire covered in plastic designed to help the mask tightly form to the nose bridge creating the most comfortable fit and a tight seal while also helping to reduce eyeglass fog.

  • One-size-fit-the-most design with adjustability to different users to provide full coverage of nose, mouth and chin.

  • 50pcs of masks are contained in the box, and each 10 pcs are individually wrapped and sealed for convenience, travel and distribution.

Why BYD Care Level 3 Surgical Face Masks?

The Level 3 masks are ideal for procedures where heavy to moderate amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols are produced. Level 3 masks have a higher level of splash protection and are used for procedures where there is a greater risk for potential exposure to blood and body fluids, such as surgical procedures and major trauma.


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59 x 40 x 58 cm

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