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Trident P2 Regular Valved Disposable Respirator

Trident P2 Regular Valved Disposable Respirator

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Each box contains 20 individually packaged masks



  • Advanced multilayer technology providing protection against mechanically and thermally generated particulates including: dusts, mists, fumes and smoke.
  • Three panel design provides structural integrity, form fit seal and optimal comfort.
  • Proprietary adjustable foam nose pad to ensure consistent optimum facial seal and reduce fogging of eyewear.
  • Valved design eliminates the build up of heat and moisture within the breathing zone.
  • Versatile unisex fit suitable for a range of facial shapes and sizes. Effective for many “hard to fit” individuals.
  • Specialised TRIDENT® respirator seal attains unrivalled PortaCount® fit testing results.
  • Low breathing resistance, maximizing wearer comfort, durability and life of product.
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with other mandatory personal protective equipment.
  • Latex free to avoid the risk of developing allergies with repeat exposure.
  • Each mask is individually batch numbered and packaged for the ultimate in traceability, portability and hygiene.




    1. Position the respirator in the palm of your hand with the nose strip at your fingertips, ensuring both head straps are untwisted over the back of your hand.
    2. Open both the top and bottom panels of the mask and make a bend in the foam nose seal. Place the lower panel under the chin and the upper panel with the foam nose seal over the nose bridge and underneath the eyes.
    3. Holding the respirator with one hand, position the top untwisted head strap to the crown of the head.
    4. Draw the lower untwisted head strap up and over the face to below the ears and back of the neck. DO NOT CRISS CROSS HEADSTRAPS.
    5. With both hands, mould the foam nose seal at the top of the mask to the nose bridge and cheeks ensuring a secure fit and seal.
    6. Perform a fit check (see fit check list below). Cover the front of the respirator with both hands. Inhale and exhale sharply.



    1. The respirator may be contaminated. Touch only the head straps when removing.
    2. Pull the bottom strap over the top of the head.
    3. Pull the top strap over the top of the head.
    4. Dispose of respirator into the appropriate waste receptacle in accordance with site infection control and prevention policies.
    5. Wash and sanitise your hands thoroughly.


    • Industrial Particulate Filtration
    • Personal Hygiene & Safety


    • If air leaks at the nose or cheek areas adjust the foam nose seal until a seal is achieved.
    • If air leaks around the edge of the respirator adjust the head straps and reposition the mask until a seal is achieved.
    • A successful fit check is when there is no air leakage.
    • Always fit check before entering the work area.
    • If a successful fit check cannot be achieved, remove and refit the respirator.
    • If you still cannot obtain a successful fit check, do not enter the work area.


    NOTE: To achieve an optimum facial seal, the wearer should be clean-shaven. It is recommended the wearer be fit tested prior to use in accordance with AS/NZS 1715: 2009 and/or onsite requirements. Training on the safe use and limitations of the disposable face mask must be performed in accordance with AS/NZS 1715: 2009 section 2.4.

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