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Bulk Pack EasyNAT Covid - 19 RNA Self-test kit - 50 or 100 PCR Kits

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When it comes to virus testing, the EasyNAT Covid-19 device returns test results in an hour and has a 99% accuracy rate. Like most Covid-19 tests, a nasal swab is used, but rather than sending it to a lab, the EasyNAT has a cartridge that the swab is placed in and replaces the lab with a chemical reaction within the cartridge. The Cartridge is then placed in the EasyNAT device, looking for RNA of Covid-19, the EasyNAT device returns a positive or negative result in less than an hour.

Rather than the expensive and complicated lab facility that Covid-19 is currently testing in, EasyNAT is confined to a cartridge. The Cartridge is then placed in the device for the RNA testing, lowering the risk for exposure and contamination, as well as the overall time and cost.

EasyNat is TGA approved : xmlmillr6 (



ARTG: #390609
Ref. : U20250
Pack: 50 Kits / Carton - 1 Test/ Kit
Kit Dim: 45 x 58 x 135mm - 0.065 KG
Carton: 3.6 KG

Expiry date: July 2023

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59 x 40 x 58 cm

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