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EasyNAT Covid - 19 RNA Self-test kit - Multi Pack PCR Kits

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When it comes to virus testing, the EasyNAT Covid-19 device returns test results in an hour and has a 99% accuracy rate. Like most Covid-19 tests, a nasal swab is used, but rather than sending it to a lab, the EasyNAT has a cartridge that the swab is placed in and replaces the lab with a chemical reaction within the cartridge. The Cartridge is then placed in the EasyNAT device, looking for RNA of Covid-19, the EasyNAT device returns a positive or negative result in less than an hour.

Rather than the expensive and complicated lab facility that Covid-19 is currently testing in, EasyNAT is confined to a cartridge. The Cartridge is then placed in the device for the RNA testing, lowering the risk for exposure and contamination, as well as the overall time and cost.

Expiry date: July/2023

EasyNat is TGA approved : xmlmillr6 (



ARTG: #390609
Ref. : U20250
Pack: 1 Test/ Kit
Kit Dim: 45 x 58 x 135mm - 0.065 KG

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59 x 40 x 58 cm

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