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Medical Isolation Gowns - AAMI Knitted Cuffs - 10 Pcs

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AAMI/PB70 Non-Sterile Disposable and Breathable Clinical Isolation Gowns provide increased level of protection against droplets, blood, saliva and other fluids. Designed for use in moderate-risk medical situation, it is intended for frontline healthcare workers, office staff and even for home. It's also perfect for patient care, hospital visits and Covid-19 contact precautions. Available in blue/yellow, ties/velcro back and knitted/elastic cuffs options.



  • Non-Sterile
  • Disposable
  • Breathable
  • Ties/velcro back
  • Knitted/elastic cuffs
  • Increased level of protection against droplets, blood, saliva and other fluids
  • Blue Laminated Polypropylene & Polyethylene
  • Level 3 Fluid Resistant
  • Heat Bonded Seams
  • Single-Use Gowns for Clinical Use



  • Available in Blue and Yellow
  • Available in 1PK, 10PK and 50PK
  • AAMIPB70 Level 3
  • SGS test report: SL52035261086201TX
  • 28g PP/12g PE Weight / 40gsm



  • Gowns should only be worn when indicated for providing care to clients/patients/residents.
  • When use of a gown is indicated, it should be put on immediately before the task and must be worn properly; tied at the neck and around the waist.
  • Immediately after the task, the gown is to be carefully removed in a way that prevents contamination of clothing or skin.
  • Discard the used gown immediately after removal into the appropriate receptacle.
  • Clean your hands. Do not hang gowns for later use.



  • Listed in ARTG:
    • (ARTG No. 372958 - Yellow)
    • (ARTG No. 135185 - Blue)

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59 x 40 x 58 cm

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